Birdsong and Blossom

Liz and Neville Denison

This weekend  there is a proliferation of gardens open to the public – each one more beautiful than the last! One must-see belongs to Neville and Liz Denison. Liz’s love of plants and of roses in particular, is evident in her three-levelled garden. Liz is of kindly but determined demeanour and the pervading serenity of her garden reflects her nature. The profusion of roses starts when one enters the gate of the townhouse garden where the face-brick garage is softened by a huge ‘Reve d’ Or’ rose arching over the door while ‘Buff Beauty’ spills over the courtyard gate. Pots containing begonias, hostas, annuals and a magnificent clematis add to the effect. The tarred driveway is shaded by two Kelly’s Gold Acers.

The bones of the garden were laid by their predecessors – avid gardeners –  but the Denisons have developed  the acre in various stages  to reflect their own ideas and over 100 roses showcase Liz’s major passion. They beautifully complement the cottage-style favoured by the Denisons as they are underplanted by bergenias, campanulas, geraniums and fuschias,  amongst others but azaleas and cameillias are stars in their own right.

Liz and Neville  are careful to remain in tune with the prevailing weather and soil conditions and have adapted their ideas to the existing landscape and have made excellent use of the ‘borrowed landscape’ beyond their boundaries.  A large number of birds also call this home and fill the air with their song.  The woolly-necked storks , in particular are regular visitors and swoop in –  aeroplane style –  to add their charm to the garden where you too, will feel equally at home.

Liz Denison’s Gardening Tips for the Hilton Area

  • soil structure and condition are of  utmost importance in producing healthy plants   Whereas roses generally need an alkaline soil, the azaleas,camellias and rhododendrons require acid soils and are confined to the shadier parts of the garden.
  • Our soils are fed with lots of compost  and essential organic and inorganic fertilizers.


Neville and Liz Denison 8 Acutt Road
Fernridge Complex 32 Flamingo Drive
Wendy and Andrew Line 23 St Michaels Road
Locke and Sonja Purdon 16 Flamingo Drive
Isabel Johnston 1 Cuckoo Lane
Scott and Barbara Rogers 44 Groenekloof Road
Carol and Kevin Sacke Broadacres Country Estate
Don and Denise Slatter 11 Arlington Crescent
Rose Siveright Glengarry, Kamberg
ROSE SHOW Quarry Shopping Centre

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