A trilogy of gardens


A Spectacular Garden Trilogy


Three beautiful gardens will be open on Saturday 26 September 2015 to coincide with the Witness Garden Show.  All of them will be awash in Spring finery.

Waterford Hall belongs to Eileen Stewart and is just off the Karkloof Road, about 5 kms from Amber Valley

The garden has a dreamlike quality with plants jostling for attention. The first task was to terrace the slope and install a dual stairway either side of a baroque inspired fountain . The bold  leaves of gunnera  manicata  add drama to the  striking entrance. Roses hold pride of place along with other old fashioned perennials .  The Old Rose, R. Roxburghii  , commonly known as the Chestnut Rose because of its prickly bud,  and  cerise  pale pink  colouring form a mass of colour. David Austin roses abound and perfume the air,  ‘Abraham Darby’ loves this garden as do the deutzias, irises, dark purple heliotrope, agapanthus,  buddleia  and lilies that present themselves almost as a bouquet  in shades of blue, maroon, purple and pink.

Follow the path to the right of the house to an extraordinary belvedere  – a small summer house from which to view the dams and trees. It has its own indoor fountain  supplying a round koi pond built into the floor.  The interior is painted  a Chinese yellow  highlighting the  exotic ornaments and furniture. It is indeed a wondrous place that leads on to yet another dining area

The overall picture is one of exuberance  – of plants, trees ( cherry trees soft pink in the Spring; acers bright red in the Autumn)  of statues and views over trees and water. The beautiful, the unusual and usual come together as a flight of fancy, a dream to inspire the senses.

Arrowfield is the lovely rambling old garden belonging to Sharon Butler, and gardened by her mother Marilyn Northmore. It is just beyond Piggly Wiggly and Spiral Blue where the road forks to Caversham Mill.

It used to be known as the Secret Garden and had a small tea lounge in days gone by. Now it has been rejuvenated and foxgloves and poppies abound in welcome. This English-style garden is well established and embellished by stone walls and moss-covered pathways flanked by azaleas, virburnums and cherry trees heavy in Spring blossom. The rose garden is widespread and colourful while containers, hanging baskets and old wheelbarrows filled with annuals add extra interest. A lovely water feature cascades down a hillock  – what more could one wish for!

Templeton Farm belonging to Chris Nel is the third in the garden triology and well worth the drive. For those on a quest for peace and tranquillity, the sprawling five-hectare garden at Templeton farm in Balgowan is the place to be. Nestled in an embrace of a trees of every description, with some more than 40 years old, the garden unveils itself in a multitude of facets as you meander down its windy paths. From fern-fringed water cascades and impatience-bordered lawns to an explosion of colour in season from the garden’s hundreds of azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and hydrangeas, Templeton has plenty to offer, including a large selection of rare and unusual shrubs, perennials, creepers and groundcovers

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